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Monster Legends Hack Farms

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Monster Legends Hack Farms

Monster Legends is a game similar to the popular Dragon City. Inside Monster Legends, you rear Monsters by having habitats plus farms to feed the Monsters.
This are your Farm Hack, allowing one to own more farm that you should have. View the screenshot below. I am exclusively degree 3, permitted exclusively single farm, but with their hack, I own 8 farms performing for me! Our allows you to multiply more fresh fruits, degree up your monsters faster which allows one to profit more gold in get back!

Monster Legends Hack Farms Tutorial

Monster Legends Hack Farms Need:
  • Cheat engine

Monster Legends Hack Farms:
  1. Login Monster Legends
  2. Start Cheat Engine
  3. Set value type to String
  4. Scan for FARM
  5. Select all addresses and click on the red arrow
  6. Edit all tvalues to INFINITE
  7. Place any farms you have  in store
  8. Now build a new farm
  9. Put it in storage (important or the game will bug out)
  10. Repeat steps 8-9 until you are happy
  11. Now refresh game page
  12. Then scan FARM
  13. Replace all values to INFINITE
  14. Go to storage and now you can place all farms from your storage.
  15. Close Cheat Engine
  16. Refresh game

Monster Legends Hack Farms Screenshot

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