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Cheat Stick Run using Cheat Engine & Fiddler

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Cheat Stick Run using Cheat Engine & Fiddler

stick run cheat

Working Cheats for Stick Run Cheat using Cheat Engine and Fiddler.

Stick Run Exp Cheat

Cheat Tools:

  • Cheat Engine 6.1
  • Any web browser ( chrome/ Firefox )

Cheat Guide:

  1. Go To Stick Run
  2. Open Cheat Engine
  3. Selected your Browser
  4. Change The Value Type to Double
  5. Play Stick Run Click single player
  6. Scan your Score
  7. Play again and Increase your Score
  8. Then Scan Your Next Score (example your first score 12 and make it higher then 12.. 15 16 or 17)
  9. It will Appears 1 Address..
  10. Put it down and change the value to 5000 (Don't be greedy 5000 or less is your limit)
  11. Froze the Address ( tick the frozen  box,  the magnifying glass to your screen, next to the address on your Cheat Engine is a little checkbox. Tick it. )
  12. go play and see your exp up~

Stick Run Coins Cheat

Cheat Tools:

  • Fiddler2 - visit Fiddler2 Official Website to download
  • Any web browser ( chrome/ Firefox )

Cheat Guide:

  1. Open fiddler
  2. Play singleplayer and earn atleast 1 coin, more=better then go back to menu
  3. Go back to fiddler and find /api/ 169
  4. Click it then hold shift and click Replay
  5. Put 1000, then wait until its done replaying. 1000 = Coins you got and multiplied. example; If you got 5 coins that will be 1000×5=5000 coins
  6. In order this to take effect, play singleplayer again and earn atleast 1 coin.
  7. Go back to menu and view coins & shop, Enjoy the Game!
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Stick Run Gold Cheat

What you need: Web Browser & Charles Proxy
  • Go to stick run
  • Open your charles proxy
  • In the game, play single mode
  • After you fail the game, go back to game menu
  • Then go to charles proxy and find the: “api.playerio.com”
  • Expand the address: “api.playerio.com”
  • Find the “169? and right click on it then “repeat in advance”
  • Change the “interations” value to “1000000000? and the concurrency to “1000000?
  • Leave the game for a few minutes like 3-5 minutes.
  • After that, hit refresh.
  • enjoy playing…

Stick Run Score Cheat

What you need: Web Browser & Cheat Engine 6.1
  1. Go to stick run
  2. Open cheat engine
  3. Select what browser you are using
  4. Go to “single player” don’t play yet.
  5. Go back to c.e and change the value type to double
  6. Now play the game
  7. Scan your first score
  8. Play again with new score
  9. Next scan the new value of your score
  10. (do it again, until you will find one address)
  11. If you have the result of 1 address, you are in a right time.
  12. Double click on the address result or drag it down.
  13. Change the value to 99999
  14. Froze the address or tick the box at the right side…

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