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Cheat My Ninja - Upgrade Hammers Hack 2013 [work]

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My Ninja Cheats - Upgrade Hammers hack
Tested and working as of 5.26.13
Credits: Egesel


  1. Go to My Ninja on facebook CLICK HERE
  2. Open Cheat Engine
  3. select process mozilla firefox : plugin.container.xxx | google chrome : chrome.xxx
  4. You can use it to BronzeSilverGold, and Diamond Upgrade hammer
  5. Scan the current amount of hammers ex. 10
  6. Click 1 hammer
  7. Next Scan 19
  8. Click 1 hammer again
  9. Next Scan 18
  10. Repeat the steps 4 to 7 till 1 address left
  11. Double click on the address you found
  12. Change the value to 80
  13. Click the box below active to freeze the value
  14. Enjoy!
You can use your Ninja Gold to buy some diamond hammers and you can also upgrade your other itemsbefore you refresh the game. :D

Of course your ability like attack, critical, accuracy, dodge, speed etc.. will increase after you max your items.
sumber: http://cheat-maxxx.blogspot.com


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